Thursday, November 22, 2012

Make Money Writing For Hubpages

If you have a hobby or expertise in a topic, you can easily make money with Hubpages. First you should have a mindset of doing it just to help people.It can be a bit depressing when you are trying so hard to make money, and you don't. It makes you want to give up.
Choose A Topic
Good niche topics are subjects like:
  • Crafts
  • Making Money
  • Saving Money
  • Coupons
  • Medical Advice
  • Weight Loss
  • Photography
  • Photo Editing
  • Topics surrounding Android
  • Pregnancy And Baby Names
  • How to's
Choose A Known Topic
Whatever you choose,make sure it is something you are passionate about.Your writing will be alot better.Picking a topic is of great importance.For instance I am most passionate about the medical field,photography and photo editing.

Writing With Passion

Whatever you write, write it well.Make sure your grammer is correct and you use spell check.Read it before you publish it.Consider it a draft, ask yourself these questions before you publish your hub:
  • Is all the information correct and simple enough for another person to read?
  • Is there enough information?
  • Is there enough words in the hub? (You should have enough for the reader to have to scroll down)
  • Is there too many or too little of pictures? (You should have at the minimum 1,maximum of 5)
The last thing you need to do before you publish your hub.Make sure you have finished your summary and tags for your hub.Add about 10 keywords that surround the hub topic.Then ask yourself if it is ready for the world to see.If so, publish that beautiful piece of art.

The Hubpages Ad Program Is Made Up Of Three Different Monetization Partners

  1. Adsense- Google Adsense pays PPC,everytime someone views your page and clicks on a google ad, you will get paid.I have also noticed that you get paid for views no matter what.You just get paid WAY more if they click.
  2. Amazon- You can get paid for sales on amazon if you put a amazon capsule on your hub.With products, otherwise you wont get paid.
  3. Ebay- Same as Amazon
You have to sign up for all three, you wont just start making money unless you sign up.You can find it in the Monetization Section of Hubpages.